Saturday, July 2, 2011

So much beauty.

It kills me that I haven't traveled out of the country in over 2 months...

Nýhavn - Copenhagen

Seyðisfjörður - Iceland

Trafalgar Square - London, UK

National Opera House - Oslo, Norway

East Iceland - Mývatn, Iceland

Góðafoss - Iceland

Some may think of that as excessive, but I just get really itchy feet if I haven't stepped foot on an airplane, or packed my bags for some other remarkable get away. Unfortunately, due to real life and working constantly I can't see a clear vacation break in the future. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but traveling is something I find thrilling, a reason to give me something to look forward to and dread. I almost love the stress that comes along with figuring out how and when you will see and do this, etc. etc. Seeing what people have to offer in their own country has opened my perspective, with design, culture, new foods, communication, the list goes on. If I could've been an anthropologist that would've been my dream job. So here's an idea, why don't we all pick a spot, pick a time, save some dollars and go on a vacation!

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