Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chad Valley - Fall 4 U (Feat. Glasser)

New single "Fall 4 U" by Chad Valley featuring Glasser sounds like a breath of fresh air in a music world full of somber. This Oxford based chill wave artist is definitely someone to keep an eye on. The music is extremely enrapturing, with Glasser's vocals haunting over the chorus and the instrumentation is just superb. Check out Equatorial Ultravox on Spotify to get more of a taste on his sound. Chad Valley's first full length album is set to release on November 19th in Europe and October 30 in the US.

Chad Valley - Fall 4 U (Feat. Glasser)

Sky Ferreira "Ghost" New EP release

Since 2009, Sky has gotten my interest with her flawless single "One," shot by Rankin in an immaculate video. Now we have a new single to look forward to finally. It seems like it's always back and forth with Sky's music career. Let's hope this new EP coming (titled Ghost) will bring her the success she deserves. This pop starlet is all kinds of ambitious, let's see how her new release turns out in October. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raf Simons 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

       One of my all time favorite designers, from Belgium no less would be Raf Simons. I've always admired how far he is willing to push menswear into another realm. This time around he uses the words, "Change, Energy, Freedom, Protection," to describe his line.  It seems that this time around Raf Simons wanted to go to an even more personal route with this collection and really reflect it in his designs.
       The clever oversize proportions here just make sense, in a structured way. Most of the oversized I've seen on the runways, just look ill fitting. Yet these still have a cohesive compound to correlate with the rest of the ensemble. That and of course, his color usage, his brilliant ability to orchestrate this romantic and witty slew of warmer colors so appropriate for Fall/Winter that I can't help but fall in love again. Raf Simons, you've done it again.

Yves Saint Laurent 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

       To be honest YSL didn't really impress me too much this year. Though there are still elements you can take from this show. Obviously leather, grey, and black. Though you could also check out the fit of the coats, the trimming style with its unique cuts and the amazing shoes!
       Even though this is borderline gothic chic, but not, since it's still very essentially French gentlemen. I feel that Raf Simons pulled off the "all black" look with Jil Sander so much better. However, I do love the leather pants, though all I can think of is Ross with his pair of leather pants in an episode of Friends. Baby powder with water anyone?

Versace F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       Talk about gaudy and over the top. The Versace collection must definitely be one of my favorite collections I've seen so far. They give Jean-Paul Gaultier a run for his money when it comes to drama in menswear. The floral patterns mixed with a contrasting military inclined style, it's difficult to imagine any army wearing anything like floral camo, yet somehow Donatella pulls it off. Where do I enlist?
       If you were able to get involved with all the hype that was Versace for H&M, you'll see that this collection is basically a "Pokemon" style evolved version of just everything that was amazing about that collection. Now if only I could get my hands on that see-thru, laced, sequined, black button up.

Moschino F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week


       This years collection by Moschino was so extravagant, words can't explain. Well maybe not JPG extravagant, even though they both used the "brick" motif as one of their patterns. Moschino starts the show off with this look as well as some interesting proportions with trousers and classic looking jackets with an edge to them.
       My favorite part was towards the end where the story got more interesting and colorful. The playfulness was very much there, which we've been seeing a lot of in menswear. Finally men's clothing doesn't have to be so stagnant and it's becoming more popular to add a tinge of flamboyance to ones outfit. Sure it may not be "classic," but I'm all about experimentation, and Moschino does just that.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gucci F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       I can only think of one think when I see the Gucci collection for this year, outstanding. I fell so completely in love, that I couldn't pick just a few and had to feature so many more. All the colors, velvet, proportions, the tailoring! The detailed patterns and gorgeous floral prints, the beautiful moody statements of blue, emeralds, jade, burgundy, port, so many luscious warm colors. It definitely goes head to head with Burberry Prorsum's collection which I also died over. This is one of the few collections that is completely consistent with every pieces and effortlessly cohesive. Frida Giannini did an amazing job at keeping her story and her vision true to the aesthetic that she was going for. This is yet another successful collection for this coming Fall Winter 2012.

Sneak Preview at the Marni for H&M Collection

       So it seems that the Marni for H&M collection, via Vogue Russia, has already started making small appearances. How is it that Russia gets everything before the western world does? Anyway, before I get sidetracked, this collection is already looking promising. The Milanese fashion house is known for their colorful juxtapositions in clothing as well as quirky patterning. I especially love the last photo featuring the orange PVC top, which anything including PVC is right up my alley. Wish there was more of it in menswear. Can't believe this collection is already going to be released on March 8th, and it's rumored that they'll stop promoting the campaign in early February. Hardly giving me anytime to get over the amazingness that was the Versace for H&M collection. Something tells me though, that this collection will definitely get a lot of hype as well. Maybe not Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Prince caliber hype, but still something to look forward to.

Calvin Klein F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       So for the first half of this collection I was slightly unimpressed with the over-sized boxy looks Calvin Klein was doing for this Fall 2012 collection. However, once we got the latter end of this show many of the pieces were definitely catching my interest. Fleck is something I'm a huge fan of, and it seems Calvin Klein went for a more playful approach, throwing in beautiful mixes of colors and interesting textures as well. The crocodile printed pants are a must have! They're so intense, I just gotta have a pair this coming fall. All in all, the last part of the show made up for the whole collection.

Vivienne Westwood F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       Something I really enjoy about Vivienne Westwood and her collections are how masculine, yet reinterpreted she keeps her pieces. She does do the typical, suit, pants, sweater, jacket, look. But she never does it traditional, something the British are also very good at. Modernizing classic looking pieces is such an interesting look to play with, I can't help but fall in love with everything she does. That and her fierce red hair make V one of my top favorite designers. Apparently the theme for this show was Frozen Planet, going along with how our Polar Ice caps are melting, and how the world is basically ending. I don't really get that idea from this show, but perhaps she's talking about how you don't need intense body warming sports clothing to go to the arctic, and how tweed would suffice. Regardless, it's a beautiful collection for what it is, with extremely interesting pieces. The colors she uses are beautiful, especially that Safari Brown suit in the top middle? Gorgeous. All the velvet, the proportions, fabrics, materials used are so very V, and I'm okay with all of it. Also, the gimmick this time around is obviously the icicles, last time it was a burgundy lipstick, this is part of the theatrics Vivienne is so well known for. Love how committed she is to creating a show.