Monday, November 14, 2011

Gay North (Promo Video)

Gay North (Promotional Video) from Joco on Vimeo.

So last night, Edgar, Kat and myself decided to spontaneously shoot a video, with that, I took off into a promotional edge for a new company I'm branding for called GayNorth. The concept was inspired by the Eurovision postcards from 2009 as well as Björk's video for Hidden Place with a bit of a glamor edge. I'm really satisfied with my end result seeing that it's my first ever film project that I had the pleasure of shooting, directing, editing, designing and producing all on my own. With the assistance of Edgar's expertise of course. All in all, my debut film project took me a short 6 hours! Imagine what's to come next if I had a whole day to work on a film project. Hopefully soon I will be able to shoot mock videos for fashion ad campaigns and even short music videos. Watch this space, it's gonna get interesting.

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