Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neil Barrett F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       I covered Neil Barrett last year when he came out with a fantastic Spring Summer collection. Well now he's still true with his demure and extremely ready to wear collection for this upcoming Fall. A standout color would definitely be some of his crimson coats. Much of this collection depended heavily on outerwear, where the finishing touches leave nothing to be desired. Keeping up with the "cloak" trend going on all over the runways, (Dolce & Gabbana, Mugler, etc.) Neil Barrett decided to go for a less obvious approach and have his models draped with his amazingly tailored coats.
       However, my favorite part of this collection were the pants, most of them were tapered so detailed giving great attention to the shoes. One of my favorite silhouettes if you want to show off your fantastic footwear, is tapered pants. In most cases, it seems that a lot of this collection is borderline simple, but if you pay attention closely he mixes and matches different textural patterns on "seemingly grey" pieces really are chevron patterns mixed into herringbone and even tweed. It's so discreet yet brilliant.

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