Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raf Simons 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

       One of my all time favorite designers, from Belgium no less would be Raf Simons. I've always admired how far he is willing to push menswear into another realm. This time around he uses the words, "Change, Energy, Freedom, Protection," to describe his line.  It seems that this time around Raf Simons wanted to go to an even more personal route with this collection and really reflect it in his designs.
       The clever oversize proportions here just make sense, in a structured way. Most of the oversized I've seen on the runways, just look ill fitting. Yet these still have a cohesive compound to correlate with the rest of the ensemble. That and of course, his color usage, his brilliant ability to orchestrate this romantic and witty slew of warmer colors so appropriate for Fall/Winter that I can't help but fall in love again. Raf Simons, you've done it again.

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