Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cause in this moment i just feel so alive...

Typing this from this shit awful plane by Delta thousands of miles in the air. All I can think about is how nice it will be to finally shower, brush my teeth and have amazing hair again (I can hear my straightener and curling iron beckon).

If you don't already know, I'm flying back from London, it's the day after my birthday and I've had an amazing 10 days. However, I'm upset to see it all end, I've made so many friends in London, and this time around I've made so many new ones. It's something about the city, the vibrance and culture that makes everyone so excited to meet each other. Most of the time they're foreigners from other parts of Europe or the United States that I meet and hit it off with. Even though London can be a monster at times, once you figure it out it's possible to keep its obstacles at bay. It's never an easy trip to go to a city as dynamic as the capital of the world. It can be horrible, with late trains, rude people, stabbings, mugging and gay bashing. Or amazing with the nicest people you'll meet from all over the world or the entertainment culture. It's hard to go to a country I've always wanted to live in, and have such great/frustrating experiences.

I ended the vacation with my birthday following on my last day, which was just too perfect, so perfect it made me sad in the end, I didn't want it to end. Sadly, many goodbyes had to be said, not sure when I will ever see some of my best friends again. Never say never, but at this point, it's looking less and less possible. Life paths change, people grow, move away, it's a hard fact of life that we all have to swallow. It's nice to be nostalgic,c but I can't calling onto the past and obsess over it never coming back into my life.

I know that a part of my heart will always be in London. I will come back, maybe not this year, or the next. But it will happen. Until then, I plan to fully enjoy my new American life with anything a post-grad would want. Plus, I have someone very special to come back to, making this whole return so much easier.

Reporting live, from the skies and the clouds. Love to you all.

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