Sunday, April 3, 2011

givin' me givin' me love boy..

New(ish) artist alert!

I've recently become obsessed with Florrie (pictured above), via Popjustice and friends. I've had a chance to check out her newly released EP and it's fantastic. Favorites being "Give Me Your Love," "Call 911," and "Left Too Late".

She's from the U.K. (born in Bristol, based in London) and started drumming since she was 6 years old. Her sound is definitely related to that of Little Boots mixed with Girls Aloud mixed with Annie. Which isn't surprising since she's associated closely with the brilliant Xenomania (Mini Viva, Annie, Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue).

Really excited to see what she has for us in the future, she's exactly what popular music needs right now, /getting tired of bombastic pop. But for now, check out the videos below.

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