Friday, January 27, 2012

Costume National F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       This year Costume National went for an all black look a bit like Jil Sander. However, what caught my eye more was the subtle hinting at color. One of my favorite things about Menswear fashion collections is experimenting with color. Being a male, shopping can be extremely uninspiring. Especially since most men prefer the colors, grey, brown, black and.. grey. There's rarely variety. But now that we're in the later 2000's I feel like we're treading closer to color for our Fall collections. Womenswear already has it down, it's up to the boys to be daring for a change. Most of these colors could be described as jewel tones. Call it what you like, I just love how subtle they are. As much as I love primary colors, it's better when you can't obviously say what color a garment is. Is it jade? lapis? forest green? Blending of colors always makes for a more interesting outfit. Costume National being an Italian fashion house, really has the concept of structure down, these silhouettes make for an interesting "space-punk" sort of look. Not sure if that's an accurate description, but I can definitely see these pieces being used in areas like New Bond Street or East London. It wasn't one of my favorite collections, but there is definitely something you can take from it, for what it is.

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