Monday, January 30, 2012

Vivienne Westwood F/W 2012 Milan Fashion Week

       Something I really enjoy about Vivienne Westwood and her collections are how masculine, yet reinterpreted she keeps her pieces. She does do the typical, suit, pants, sweater, jacket, look. But she never does it traditional, something the British are also very good at. Modernizing classic looking pieces is such an interesting look to play with, I can't help but fall in love with everything she does. That and her fierce red hair make V one of my top favorite designers. Apparently the theme for this show was Frozen Planet, going along with how our Polar Ice caps are melting, and how the world is basically ending. I don't really get that idea from this show, but perhaps she's talking about how you don't need intense body warming sports clothing to go to the arctic, and how tweed would suffice. Regardless, it's a beautiful collection for what it is, with extremely interesting pieces. The colors she uses are beautiful, especially that Safari Brown suit in the top middle? Gorgeous. All the velvet, the proportions, fabrics, materials used are so very V, and I'm okay with all of it. Also, the gimmick this time around is obviously the icicles, last time it was a burgundy lipstick, this is part of the theatrics Vivienne is so well known for. Love how committed she is to creating a show.

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