Thursday, January 5, 2012

SXSW in Austin is Just Around the Corner

VHS sex, VHS sex...

Even though I'm so glad winter is here, and my daily outfits just keep looking more and more amazing, I secretly can't wait for spring to come back. Oh to be able to see the sun on a daily basis, wear poppy candy themed colors and pastels make Spring so exciting, new beginnings and on top of that SXSW will be starting the whole season off. I'm obsessed with American Apparel's tumblr at the moment, even though it's on their main website too (which is where I'm browsing it). I'm also getting back into listening to Viva Radio at the moment. In a sick way, I want to work for the company again, but I just know that it could be trapping again. It's comfortable, it's safe, it's a great clothing store. But it's not my future, or who I want to be. Bring on EVROPU 2012!
Song featured in title: Com Truise - VHS Sex

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