Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Design website Launching in February 2012.

feel the power of my many destinies...

Inspired, in an interpretational way by Henrik Purienne, one of American Apparel's most used photographers. This photo really isn't anything like his work, but I just love the "vintage" sort of feel with a bold typographic name on top. So I really wanted to go for that sort of look, while still keeping the freshness of the photo but in a retro sort of way. Not sure if that's what this image conveys, but I might be using it for my website, launching in less than 48 hours! I have so much work left to do on it though. However, I'm still going to stay true to my minimalist approach to design and really depend on just the content when it comes to my portfolio site, versus having loads of bells and whistles. I really hate websites that are so hard to navigate through, they really do stress me out at times.

Anyway, things are strange at the moment but I'm feeling so inspired/motivated to keep on pushing through. Hopefully things will look up soon, but I always trust that it will in the end.
Song featured in title: Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go

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