Tuesday, February 8, 2011

but it was clear that day, so we faked it.

So it looks like a lot of the upcoming trends for 2011 consist, color, belts!!, leather?, cowboy flare and greys. Some of it I'm loving, the rest not so much. However, I can see a lot of older and taller males pulling off the long draped looks, or the "drop crotch," which still hasn't appealed to me personally. Let's start off with the belts.. It's kind of a new obsession I've had recently with my job, just because I feel like it's an accessory that's always ignored by men, but can make a strong statement when shown off like these guys below...

pictured: Yigal Azrouël, Lanvin, Versace, Versace

I'm really enjoying all the grey on grey and black on black suggested by Lanvin and Versace. It's really gives for a more masculine look, unlike the Azrouël. However, the cardigan is very sexy.

pictured: Raf Simons, Gustavolins, Paul Smith

I've really been getting into red lately, which is why I find this look so exciting for the fall. I always think of fall as pretty dreary, but these bold statements of red really send a stimulating aesthetic to really balance out all the monochromatic hues of greys and blacks. It's a bit like the staple triple color scheme of "red, white, black" but with a masculine twist. There's also better ones with Lanvin, and Gustavolins that you should check out.

pictured: Jil Sander, Acne, Raf Simons, YSL, Acne

Okay, so this is really exciting for me since I thought color had died out for Fall/Winter collections permanently. But it looks like a lot of designers at this year's Paris Fashion week embraced the whole idea of using saturated color but in moderation obviously. These little pockets of color don't give that "spring time" in your face feel, but rather they add an interesting twist to what could be an otherwise monochromatic ensemble. The burnt orange by Jil Sander, to the amazing pants by Acne, I'm really digging a lot of the Acne collection as well as Raf Simons, they never dissapoint to bring something fresh to menswear. Yves Saint Laurent also brought color, a bit more muted but still resulted in a sexy color combination. While still retaining that "fall/winter" feel.

Finally, we have my favorites. That kind of just fall into either one of the trends above or not. But either way, I just personally adore the color, construction, blocking, hinting, polka dotting (thank you Paul Smith!) and greying thats going on above. My favorite piece, which I would probably wear with anything would definitely be Henrik Vibkov's meggings(sp?), they're beautiful. I mean, the color blocking, the skin tightness, with an involuntary drop crotch. They're beautiful, I want them in a "Veruca Salt with her goose" kind of way (sans accent). The Acne drop-shoulder pull over tucked in with a belt is very much something I would wear to work (in a good way) I love the simplicity, but it's still cut really well, I'm also loving all the blocking on the other Acne ensemble, especially with the shoes. All of it just works in a forward, clean, simplistic, confident male kind of way. Azrouël has a great little misconstructed turtle neck thing going on which has been done before, but I love how it's paired up with all the grey, especially those (to die for) pants which seem to go between trousers and sweat bottoms yet still looking sophisticated. Love the Hermes bag (top left), love all the black on black. Bottom center with the Raf Simons sweater looks fantastic with all the detailed patterning, very scandinavian in a way, almost like a traditional Norwegian sweater stamped over and over and minimized. And finally, how amazing is that purple coat (top left) by Raf Simons, you should really check out the rest of his collection, he never disappoints with his color, construction, and seemingly simple way of pulling off a futuristic look juxtaposed with a classic one.

And on that note, I'm working on going to Barbarella in Austin tonight (East Side! I think). With no means of transportation of available funds, I'm gonna make it happen (kind of like that Kesha song, you know, "ain't got no money in my pocket but I'm already there! lolz"). Like scientology once said, you don't have money, but you do have money. Peace out.

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