Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite Items: Fisherman Pullover by American Apparel (Winter)

we go up and around we go now...

My favorite piece this winter has to be the Fisherman Pullover by American Apparel, the structure of this could be awkward, especially since the newer ones are a smaller cut than the older solid version of this. The specific one above is in Primary fleck (meaning it has fleck-like sprites of primary colors in red, blue and yellow, so cute). If you plan on getting one, make sure you go down a size with the regular solid color ones (I think royal blue is just divine), but if you plan on getting a striped or flecked pattern pullover it's best to either stay true to size or go a size up. My XS ended up being wayy too small, but I just stretched it out over time. This season is supposed be all about the turtleneck, which honestly I haven't seen much of around (probably because Austin keeps having these random heat waves). But anyway, I really feel like people should invest in pull overs and sweaters, if you're a guy, they just make you look buffer on top, and slimmer at the waist, great for anyone wanting to make the silhouette of their top half more acceptable by western civilization. We're not savages! Invest in some sweaters already.
Featured song in title: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round

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